Terms, Conditions, and General Statement of Work

This is our general statement of work.

Our project packages are customizable, and options can be found on our pricing page.

All Projects

All Fresh Complaint Projects

General Terms

The following terms apply to all projects unless we make specific exceptions within our agreement.

  1. Fresh Complaint will be the owner of the work until the project is complete and paid in full by the client.
  2. Fresh Complaint uses a mix of specialized contractors, staff, and principals on all of our projects. We are responsible for the quality of their work.
  3. The writing and editing we deliver will be of professional quality.
  4. The first deliverable on our projects is a work plan, which will summarize the agreed scope and schedule. Timely completion will require client cooperation.
  5. All projects will be completed as agreed and paid either via prepayment or an agreed payment schedule. If Fresh Complaint ever falls more than 21 days behind, all billing will be paused until the project is caught up.

Change Orders

Reversing decisions or using extra revisions will necessitate a change order. Clients will be notified in writing if a request they’ve made is considered a change order, and will have the chance to accept or deny the revised scope, timeline, and budget. 

Project Progression

  1. Projects are divided into phases: Planning, Developing, Editing, and Publishing.
  2. Unless otherwise noted in the agreement, all Fresh Complaint projects undergo two discrete rounds of revision per editing phase.
  3. When a project enters copy editing (the latter half of the Editing phase), no new content is permitted. Adding new content will generally cause a change order.
  4. Sometimes a client will choose to get additional services. This will be agreed upon in writing before service is delivered.

Author-Side Delays & Cancellation

  1. An Author may delay a project one time for up to 90 days without charge. Billing arrangements continue for the next installment and then be paused.
  2. Beyond 90 days, a restart fee of $5,000 is added to the project, paid before publishing or delivery to the publisher. Restarting is subject to Fresh Complaint's availability.
  3. An Author may cancel their project at any time with 30 days' notice. The Author will be responsible for paying the next installment payment to cancel their project; upon payment of the next installment, all work in progress will be provided.
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Last modified September 20, 2022