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Great Books Aren't Made in Solitude

There is an old, tired myth of a lone genius working away in a cabin, hunched over a keyboard in service of the next Great Gatsby This luminary eventually emerges from the shadows with their magnum opus, congratulated by the world.

The problem is this almost never happens. The inspiration doesn't come, the book isn’t made, and no one is changed as a result. This is because writing good books is a group effort; and when you ignore this simple fact, you’re far more likely to become the next Unabomber than a brand-new Hemingway.

Yeah, we said it.

Writing books is hard, and almost everyone who sets out to do it fails. Of those that succeed, what they often produce is forgettable at best. Unfortunately, those brilliant people whose words we need the most are usually the ones who never seem to share them.

Maybe that’s you. (It doesn't have to be.)

Fresh Complaint is a book production agency that helps big idea people make books that matter. We are a team of writers, editors, and publishing experts who can guide you through the confusion and chaos of making a book to create something worth remembering. You talk, we listen; the end product is a book people can’t put down. 

All work and no play does, indeed, make Jack a dull boy. So, let’s leave the insanity to the stuff of fiction and do work we all can be proud of. We won’t let you write a bad book—promise.

Jeff Goins
Creative Director, Fresh Complaint

P.S. I didn't write this myself. The team who helped me can help you with your next project, too.

Our Clients

We've delivered millions of words to over thirty different authors in a variety of capacities. Some clients prefer confidentiality. Here are a few that do not.

Tom Stanfill: Unreceptive

Tom Stanfill came to us with a rough draft and a signed book deal with HarperCollins but needed help turning his twenty-five years of sales coaching experience into an interesting book busy professionals would want to read. The result was a story-filled, heartfelt approach to not just persuasion but life itself.

Grant Baldwin: The Successful Speaker

We helped podcaster Grant Baldwin turn his online course and ten years of professional experience into a comprehensive advice book on the art and business of public speaking. The Successful Speaker, published by Baker Books, is fun, entertaining, and helpful.

Brave Thinking: Mary Morrisey

When life coach, author, and entrepreneur Mary Morrisey needed to tell her legacy story, she came to Fresh Complaint. Together, we uncovered the threads that tied her life together and created a book called Brave Thinking, all while she was managing a multi-million dollar organization.

How We Work


Get Your Big Idea

What makes an idea truly great? Probably not what you think. The best ideas aren't agreeable, or acquiescent, or necessarily even right. The best ideas are interesting. They take a stand. They pick a fight.

In the planning phase, we guide you through a disciplined, proven process of uncovering the best version of your idea—the one worth defending.


Select Services

We serve industry professionals and authors with the following services:


We help authors plan, develop and write their books. Our team of writers and editors has worked on bestselling business books, works of memoir, and other nonfiction books.


We help authors finish their drafts and edit them into books that are ready you publish. These services include developmental editing, copy editing, and book coaching.

Book Planning

We help authors plan their books before they write them. This three-month process results in an annotated table of contents, edited writing sample, and detailed market analysis so that you can write your next book with confidence.

Proposal Writing

We help authors hone their big idea and structure it into a book proposal that will gain the attention of a major publisher. Proposals include the book planning process plus an introduction to agents and a custom query letter.

Book Coaching

We help authors navigate the process of planning, writing, and launching a book. This includes coaching calls, templates, and a custom plan to guide you towards your writing and publishing goals, whatever they may be.

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