Collaboration Agreement

We have a Global Collaboration Agreement that all contractors need to sign. While there are specific items directly corresponding to writers, editors, and designers, here are the general specifications. A dedicated GCA will be sent to all contractors to sign at the beginning of their first assignment with Fresh Complaint.

What Fresh Complaint Will Do for Our Contractors

We will work hard to offer high-quality projects that you are interested in.  We will manage these projects for you so you can focus on the craft. We will evaluate and provide ongoing feedback on the quality of your work and communication. Whenever possible, we will provide credit to contractors and offer testimonials on your writing ability on our website. 


Projects will be paid as follows:

  1. Under $500 will be paid in full on project sign-off and acceptance by our Editorial Director.
  2. Under $3,000 will be paid 50% upfront and 50% on project sign-off and acceptance by our Editorial Director.
  3. Over $3,000 will be paid ⅓ upfront, ⅓ at the halfway point, and ⅓ on project sign-off and acceptance by our Editorial Director.

Send us your invoice to We process all invoices on Wednesdays. Invoices must be received by the end of day Monday to be processed that week.


  1. We require all your communication with clients to come exclusively from a “” email address. Please log in to our Google Workspace accounts to do this. You agree not to contact any client from any other domain/email.
  2. All client communications will be friendly, professional, upbeat, and on topic.
  3. When there are Zoom calls, you agree to present in a professional manner without any off-topic or controversial items.
  4. You agree not to initiate contact with our clients on social media.

Non-Solicitation of Contractors and Clients

  1. During the course of your work at Fresh Complaint, you may be working with our other contractors and employees. Unless otherwise arranged explicitly in writing, you agree not to work with other Fresh Complaint contractors on projects for 12 months following the delivery of your last assignment with Fresh Complaint. 
  2. You agree not to work with any Fresh Complaint client for 12 months after assignment completion without our written permission.
  3. You are not restricted from working on other projects or maintaining your own roster of clients.

Attribution and Portfolio Work

We don’t always get the opportunity to get credit on our projects. When we do, we will share credit with you.

  1. You agree to wait a minimum of 90 days from the book’s publication date to publicly announce or reveal your connection to the project. 
  2. When sharing on your website, on social media, or in public after the 90-day period, you agree to list your role and either link to or mention
  3. You agree not to solicit our clients, collaborators, or other accounts for testimonials or additional scope.


We agree that this is a fair way to begin a relationship, and we choose to move forward with one another. We also agree to do our very best for one another and to bring our best selves to this project. We understand that, together, we will make the best book possible in the time available. We will make bold choices and do all we can to bring this project into the world. We will assume the best intentions of each other and seek first to understand.