About Us

We work with thought leaders to help turn their big ideas into bestsellers. Whether it’s a book proposal, full manuscript, or editing a book, we help you translate your vision into a book that works.

Fresh Complaint is a creative agency founded by bestselling author Jeff Goins. Our team of publishing professionals works with best-selling authors, retired Navy SEALs, coaches, entrepreneurs, and more to turn stories and ideas into books that change the way people think.

Why fresh complaint? A complaint is more than mere whining. It is a petition against the injustices of the world, a declaration that things could be better and you know the answer.

When working with our clients, we encourage them to pick a fight. To take a stand. To say something worth disagreeing with. The world doesn’t need you to be authentic—it needs you to be interesting. We don't need more boring books. We need someone to challenge our assumptions about the way things are.

This is how you get the attention your words deserve. You can’t just say what has been said before; you’ve got to attack the status quo.

And that begins with a fresh complaint.