Fresh Complaint Pricing

Variables that impact pricing:

  • Our availability
  • Your timeline
  • Services you select

A full list of capabilities is coming soon, but in the meantime, here are the price ranges we work in.

Every service we offer is complete; there are no hidden fees or "gotchas."


Priced from $45,000-$100k+

You will work with a team of expert researchers, writers, editors, creative directors, and designers to bring your book to life.

We will design a custom production plan that works with you exactly the way that you want to work, all the way through to publishing and marketing your book.

Editorial Services

Priced from $5,000-$40,000.

We work with you to ensure your book does the job you want it to. Our editorial services can enhance and professionalize the work you do.

Book Plans and Proposals

Priced from $10,000-$35,000. 

Our program, along with our extensive industry contacts, allow many of our Authors to get paid to write their next book.